Who we are

NVA’s reality was founded with the goal of devote itself to the development of renewable energy with a focus on the creation of social and economic value for local area. NVA designs innovative and advanced solutions for the construction of efficient and sustainable plants in the field of renewable energies such as solar, wind, and biogas power, based on the principles of circular economy. The brand NVA represents the harmony between water, air, and green energy, leaving the past behind and looking towards the future.

With more ten years of experience of its founders, NVA is now the point of reference to create values and respect the environment, to design systems that are truly sustainable, innovative, profitable, that fit in the right locations. Thanks to the partnership with the independent investment fund iCON Infrastructure LLP, NVA’s reality will lean in the direction of innovation and development within the energy transition sector. Sharing a vision based on ethical and sustainable plant management finalises the collaboration between NVA and iCON towards supporting and meeting the growing need for renewable energy in Italy.

A green heart at the service of energy

NVA cooperates with strategic partners in the field of sustainable energy, where environmental policies are finally subjects of actual development plans. NVA has a main role in integrated design, collaborates with different partners and provides technological, efficient and competitive solutions in every part of the world.

With over 100 projects crated, for more than 2.784 MW of renewable energy, NVA has cut down more than 1 million ton/year of CO2. The wind power and photovoltaic projects use green energy to power homes, electric mobility and industries. By salvaging farm and food waste, through biogas systems, all waste can be turned into a new resource that can produce thermal and electric energy. All of this is possible thanks to NVA’s “green heart”.

What does Sustainable Energy mean?

“We mean a process that can fully self-sustaining, without stealing anything from nature or society or finances; a virtuous cycle that aims to bringing advantages on a broad scale.”

From an interview with the AD Matteo Mainini

NVA’s projects

NVA’s green energy is strictly based on renewable resources:

Wind power

Wind power

from the wind’s kinetic energy.

Solar power

Solar power

from the main energy source on earth.

Biomass power

Biomass power

from natural and sustainable fuels.

produzione di idrogeno verde

Green hydrogen power

clean energy without pollutant emission.

Renewable energy for a circular economy

Each project designed and created by NVA follows an iter based on Circular Economy. The criteria behind each new project takes into account many different and complex factors.

Who entrusted us

Parnter statkraft
Partner San Nicolò d Arcidano
Patner Oristano
Partner ATS Power
Parnter statkraft
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Partner BSGreen