Who we are

An Italian company that develops, builds and operates renewable energy plants related to solar, wind, biogas and green hydrogen. NVA’s ambition is to position itself as one of the leading IPPs – Independent Power Producers in Italy, aiming to play a leading role in the near future as an independent producer in the energy sectors, investing in partnerships for power generation projects from renewable sources. Efficient and sustainable plants that make green energy in all its forms an increasingly everyday reality and within everyone’s reach: founded as an engineering company, NVA now stands as a fully expanding benchmark in the renewable energy sector.

The partnership with iCON Infrastructure LLP, an independent infrastructure asset investment fund which will provide the necessary financial support for the company’s projects, makes NVA’s ambitious goals even more concrete and achievable.

What does Sustainable Energy mean?

“We mean a process that can fully self-sustaining, without stealing anything from nature or society or finances; a virtuous cycle that aims to bringing advantages on a broad scale.”

From an interview with the AD Matteo Mainini

A green heart at the service of energy

Hundreds of projects that have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented, many more that will see the light of day in the coming years: uniting them is the theme of sustainability as a key factor in its activities, with the desire to act within all projects according to the principles of Responsibility and Ethical Management.

Economic sustainability, thanks to the implementation of projects capable of self-financing and bringing a proper return. In order to be functional and long-lasting, facilities must be designed, completed and operated in such a way as to be financially independent as well: only in this way can they become a real asset for society as a whole.

Social sustainability, through an open and proactive relationship with public administrations and local communities and co-designed interventions with them. It is of paramount importance that new facilities be seen and experienced as a resource by all stakeholders, including those who will live with them: both the design and construction of these facilities, their ethical management, and-ultimately-the plans for their decommissioning at the end of their life will have to meet these requirements.

Environmental sustainability, thanks both to its own core-business and to the protection of the places chosen for the construction of the facilities: last but not least, this aspect concerns the very genetic code of NVA’s activity.


NVA’s projects

NVA’s green energy is strictly based on renewable resources:

energia solare

Wind Power

from the wind’s kinetic energy.

energia solare

Solar Power

from the main energy source on earth.

energia solare

Biomass Power

from natural and sustainable fuels.

energia solare

Green Hydrogen Power

clean energy without pollutant emission.

Renewable energy for a circular economy

Each project designed and created by NVA follows an iter based on Circular Economy. The criteria behind each new project takes into account many different and complex factors.