Energia eolica sostenibile

Sustainable wind power

Impianti ad energia eolica

We take advantage of the wind by creating wind farms that are both efficient and pleasing to the eye, that blend in with the landscape.

Humans have always taken advantage of the wind to cover their energy needs: just think about the ships that centuries ago have sailed the seas in legendary ventures. Nowadays our endeavors can be crucial for the life of each and every one of us: the way we produce energy for our daily lives will be determinant for the future of the whole planet. That’s why NVA designs systems that aim to an environmental impact close to zero, that can blend in with the surrounding environments, that can be economically self-sustaining and that can benefit the population. And, once their job is done, they don’t leave any traces behind.


Wind power projects (Mw)

Electricity from wind project

The benefits
of sustainable wind power

Wind farms up to date: efficient, effective, eye pleasing. A clean energy in every way.

Environmental compatibility

The project keeps in mind the land on which the system will be built, plans the valorization of the land itself and the future dismantling of the system.

CO2 reduction

Thanks to a sustainable system the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere can be limited and pollution decreased.

Circular economy

Based on the principle of Circular Economy each waste product can become a new raw material, it’s not a linear process where the product turns into waste

Air quality

By increasing the air quality we increase the quality of life, for everyone: the choices of production that we make determine the air we breathe, every single day.

The other renewable sources

energia solare

Solar Power

from the main energy source on earth.

energia solare

Biomass Power

from natural and sustainable fuels.

energia solare

Green Hydrogen Power

clean energy without pollutant emission.