Renewable energy for a
circular economy

Every project signed NVA is based on sustainability: a concept that goes beyond the simple idea of being “friend of the environment”.
A sustainable project, indeed, not only reduces its impact on the environment, but it’s also sustainable on the economic and social side.

All the projects designed and created by NVA aim to a Circular Economy, based on mechanisms of automatic control.
Every natural element relentlessly goes back to nature itself, without wasting anything, even waste becomes part of a new life cycle. Leaning towards Circular Economy means leaning towards a “Zero Waste” philosophy, where each element and each product of the economic process find a new life (recycle, raw materials, etc.).


Economia circolare
Economia circolare

Close to the land

NVA works side to side with other companies for a fair project communication towards local communities that are often afraid of the possibility of an energetic system on their territory. Projects can include, for example, the upgrading of whole ares or the redevelopment of naturalistic paths: areas that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to the population.
Lastly, for each project is already considered its duration: both the ways to disassembly and to recycle the system, and the related funds, are planned while the project is still developing.

NVA’s green energy is strictly based on renewable resources:

energia solare

Wind Power

from the wind’s kinetic energy.

energia solare

Solar Power

from the main energy source on earth.

energia solare

Biomass Power

from natural and sustainable fuels.

energia solare

Green Hydrogen Power

clean energy without pollutant emission.