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Matteo Mainini

Matteo Mainini


Matteo Mainini is CEO and Co-founder of NVA Srl; he is also Partner and Business Development Manager in VMV Ingegneria.

With more than 20 years of experience gained also thanks to Ansaldo Group, Matteo has strong technical skills in the design, construction and management of power generation and technological plants, HVAC systems, cogeneration, trigeneration and traditional power plants, in the cruise-military and airport naval sector. Strongly specialized, since 1998, in the field of mechanical engineering with energy orientation, and project and construction management, to date Matteo in the role of CEO for NVA, directs the company and the development of the industrial plan with the ambitious goal of transforming NVA into a major Independent Power Producer in the Italian market.

The power of the wind. We have almost incalculable power at our disposal, but how insignificant is the use we make of it.

Henry David Thoreau

Michele Vitagliano

Michele Vitagliano

CTO / Civil-Biomass, Biogas

Michele Vitagliano is CTO in NVA for the Civil – Biomass/Biogas division. He’s also administrator in VMV Ingegneria, he has focused his career focusing on innovative engineering processes and solutions in the construction sector, thanks to the development of energy saving management systems for the construction of civil and industrial buildings.

Thanks to a previous experience at Nexity, as Italian real estate development manager, Michele participated in the design of several projects in the industrial, airport and renewable energy fields. To date, he has been managing major projects in the field of design, construction, commissioning and management of plants for the chemical-pharmaceutical, industrial and biogas sectors for more than 20 years.

We don’t inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Proverb of the Navajo people

Eugenio Di Gianvito

Eugenio Di Gianvito

CTO / Wind & Solar

Eugenio Di Gianvito is CTO for NVA’s Wind & Solar division. He also holds the role of CEO in the ATS Engineering and ATS Power entities.

Since the 1990s Eugenio has been employing his established engineering skills within innovative projects in the field of ecological transition. His 30 years of experience in the field of industrial plants and renewable energy has ensured that, to date, he is recognized as one of the best professionals in the wind energy sector in the Italian market.

Investing in green energy means investing in our future.

Gloria Ruben

Marco Sartor

Marco Sartor

NVA Chairman & Managing Director TRUEnergy

Marco Sartor has more than a decade of experience in the renewable energy sector, with experience in commercial activities with solar EPC companies (Enerqos and BP Solar), consulting activities for a renewable energy financial advisor (Prothea), M&A and business development. Prior to joining NVA, Marco was responsible for renewable energy investments for SR Investimenti, a company recently sold to Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque (CVA).

He is also CEO of TRUEnergy, a company 100% owned by the iCON Infrastructure group.

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