impianto energia a idrogeno green

Projects for the production of green hydrogen

Many believe that it will be the energy source of the future, the one that will allow us to win the sustainability challenge: we’re talking about hydrogen, the element that several sectors are checking out, first of all the transport sector. NVA believes in all of this, and it’s already working with International partners in the hydrogen industry, by blending knowledge and planning abilities.

Why hydrogen? For starters, it’s the most common element in the whole universe: we’re talking about an almost unlimited energy source, which can potentially power any human activity. All without producing any waste pollutants. The possibility is definitely tempting, and NVA is the right interlocutor for industrial policies ventures. Why hasn’t hydrogen been used until now? The answer is easy: because it’s not “alone” in nature, it’s always bonded to other elements. Breaking these bonds to “set it free” it’s not easy and it’s – above all – expensive.

The current electrolysis techniques, carried out through processes which are, in turn, powered by renewable energy, allow the production of the so called “green hydrogen”, a clean and widespread energy source: as of today, the sectors which are most interested in hydrogen are the transport ones – especially heavy vehicles – but hopefully, in the future, industries will take advantage of it as well.

What we still need to overcome is the challenge of the expenses regarding production and transportation, for it to be fully compatible with the economic logics that we must take into account. The future of hydrogen is now, and NVA is sure about it.

The advantages of Green Hydrogen power production

Green hydrogen is a sustainable energy source, largely available, compatible with the logics of Circular Economy.

Sostenibilità ambientale

Environmental compatibility

The project keeps in mind the land on which the system will be built, plans the valorization of the land itself and the future dismantling of the system.

Abbattimento della CO2

CO2 reduction

Thanks to a sustainable system the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere can be limited and pollution decreased.

Economia circolare

Circular Economy

Based on the principle of Circular Economy each waste product can become a new raw material, it’s not a linear process where the product turns into waste.

Miglioramento qualità dell'aria

Air quality

By increasing the air quality we increase the quality of life, for everyone: the choices of production that we make determine the air we breathe, every single day.

The other renewable sources


energia solare

Solar power

from the main energy source on earth.

energia a biogas

Wind power

from the wind’s kinetic energy.

energia a biogas

Biomass power

from natural and sustainable fuels.

Renewable energy for a circular economy

Each project designed and created by NVA follows an iter based on Circular Economy. The criteria behind each new project takes into account many different and complex factors.